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Job too small for builder? Not enough time
to do it yourself?

We specialise in those small jobs that need attention, such as repairing gate latches, fixing a broken step or railing, or installing shelving or appliances. We are happy to be called in for those tiny fixes: whether you need someone to come in and take care of things for your grandparents, or fix up your rental property after tenants have left it in disarray, or if it’s just time to do a bit of a tidy up.

Other work undertaken If not listed, just ask

  • Flooring Install laminated floors;
    Install vinyl floors;
    Install soft tiles;
    Install hard tiles
  • Walls Fill holes and cracks;
    Replace damaged tiles;
    Re-grout tiles;
    Reseal bath;
    Mount Bathroom Fixtures;
  • Doors and Windows Repair sash window cords;
    Fix door problems;
    Misaligned locks;
    Fit a new door;
    Fit a new door latch or lock;
    Replace window furniture;
    Fit curtains;
    Fit roller blinds.

  • General Fix sagging shelves;
    Put up new shelves;
    Assemble flat pack furniture;
    Fit new kitchen draw fronts;
    Fit a new sink;
    Fit a new kitchen worktop;
    Repair a rotten window sill;
    Install a letter plate;
    Fit a cat flap;
    Fit patio tiles;
    Replace a broken paving slab;
    Replace a felt roof on a shed.
  • Plumbing Fix overflowing cisterns;
    Replace immersion heaters;
    Repair burst pipes;
    Lagging pipes;
    Plumbing in washing machines;
    Plumbing in Dishwashers;
    Plumbing in waste disposal units;
    Repair or replace leaking taps;
    Fit a new kitchen sink;
    Fit a new hand basin;
    Fit a new bath;
    Fit a new toilet;
    Fit a new toilet seat;
    Fit a new radiator valve.
  • Fixings Fit mirrors;
    Fit Shelves;
    Hang or fit Paintings;
    Fit bathroom fixtures.


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